Dear Readers,

Through this blog, I hope to give you a taste of what I love to do to help you to feel better in your body and mind; It took me quite some years to find the purpose of my life and, now, I am convinced that my path is through healing. I consider myself as a lifelong student and not as an expert and enjoy most working with people who are open minded about the outcome of my treatment since it is then that I can best embrace one’s personal situation, so healing can take place.

Would you like to  know a little more about me?  My  interest in bodywork and energy started in 2003 when I enrolled in a two year  Shiatsu course in Avignon, France. I left the course after one year to live in  Auroville, an international community in South India where I stayed for 6 years. This  experience led to blossoming of new talents and discovery of my inner potential. I worked with children with learning challenges, using educational games to  forward their learning. I participated also in Vedanta retreats, I studied and  practiced Hatha Yoga, Ayurvedic Acupressure, Liquid Body Flow (Watsu), Awareness  Through Body, Holoenergetic Healing, Ancient Thai Massage and, recently,  Energetic Healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls.

I am very  grateful to my teachers who shared their passion with me.

Back in France, I decided to practice my skills on a daily basis at home.

Although this blog gives you  an idea of what I can offer in terms of body and energy work, I would  love to meet you before starting to work together.

Enjoy browsing  the next pages!